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We constantly strive to achieve quality and efficiency. At times we refer customers to other fab shops to save them money, either way we take care of our customers. We frequently take jobs at a loss and invest in equipment that will save the customer money and provide a quality product. I began building tugboats, trailers, dog boxes,barges, and whatever in my backyard under a tent. I had the basics as far as equipment, but it sharpened my skills. Since then I have invested heavily in equipment to deliver a quality product at a fair price. When a customers ask what my hourly rate is I tell them , by the way it is still the same as 10 years ago, that it is not the hourly rate that is significant but the person you have working for it. Shipyards and large fab shops charge less per man hour, but they load up on man hours and usually have less expeienced personell performing the work. I have an incentive to please my customer and to finish the job. For example when you look at pictures of our turn downs on our hand rails , they are bent . That saves the customer from us welding and grinding four joints. We have notchers that perfectly join our pipe joints. It also provides a quality product. The equipment that performs that work was not cheap, but was worth it to become a successful fab shop and deliver a quality product.
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